A 99-year-old grandma meets her 100th grandchild and her reaction is priceless… Here is the video!

This great-grandma was filled with emotion when she learned the name of her 100th grandkid.

There are a lot of remarkable grandparents! The moment the 99-year-old Pennsylvania grandmother met her 100th great-grandson was captured on camera. Clearly, Marguerite Koller possesses all the qualities needed to make a content grandmother.

Marguerite Koller’s feelings were out of control. The baby’s parents, Christine and Patrick Balster, told Good Morning America that they took Koller to visit Grandma at her home. For a woman who is approaching 100 years old, this is an amazing occasion. She was speechless with excitement.

The mother goes on to say that she was overjoyed and grateful to have him in her arms. The infant’s middle name, “Koller,” is a tribute to Marguerite Koller’s husband, the infant’s great-great-grandfather.

She had 11 children, 56 grandchildren, and her 100th great-grandson, who was born on August 4, 2022, when she was almost a century old. Ms. Koller is fortunate to have a family that loves her and values her advanced age.

Marguerite Koller’s family claims that her exceptional health is a result of her daily physical activity. Perhaps it’s partly because of his entire family’s unending devotion to him! You won’t see a 99-year-old woman who is in perfect health, style, and poise on every street corner!

Miracles can be performed when love and compassion are present. According to Christine Balster, “Faith and family are what allow him to continue forward.” Marguerite Koller, a mother, grandma, and great-grandmother, has never missed a single family celebration, including baptisms, weddings, births, or graduations. She is a remarkable granny who appears never to age!

Watch the video here:

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