Old dogs in need of homes are saved by an adopted boy… Here is how…

Robbie decided to show love to older pups who were unable to find homes since he could relate to their plight.

Nine-year-old Palm Coast, Florida resident Robbie Gay frequently makes trips to the Flagler County Humane Society to assist older puppies who are less likely to find homes.

The youngster claims that he finds himself in these animals’ stories because he has experienced a similar circumstance.

Two years ago, Maria and her husband Charles adopted Robbie.

The sacrifice of a puppy named Buffy absolutely broke the boy’s heart, despite the fact that he had always been very strong and had problems expressing his emotions. He desired to cradle her in his arms and show her how much he loved her.

He told Mary before he left Buffy that he was aware of what it felt like to be neglected and uncared for and that he didn’t want any kid or creature to experience that.

Marie wants Robbie to continue down the same path since she is very proud of him and is aware that his life could have gone in a different direction but wonderful people chose to give him an opportunity to be happy.

Sweet Robbie longs to be able to assist young youngsters who are difficult to adopt because of their age, but in the meantime he will keep striving to make older dogs’ lives better. She currently has six and adores every single one of them.

She recently took up Molly, a Shih Tzu who had been abandoned after her father had been placed in foster care.

Everyone in the organization respects Robbie’s dedication to his voluntary work. Many individuals have opted to give senior pets a chance as a result of him. This young guy is an inspiration for living.

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