Adorable Grandpa, 75, has been volunteering at the refuge for more than six months and has spent every night with the cats…

Six months ago, an angel who claimed to be Terry, a 75-year-old man from Green Bay, Wisconsin, appeared at Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary.

When Terry heard about the cage-free, no-kill cat sanctuary, he felt obligated to help it because he loves animals.

Thanks to his charm and talent for brushing cats, Terry quickly won the hearts of all the rescue cats. A one-time visit effortlessly became a duty as a volunteer for the authorities.

Every day, he looks after them, cuddles with them, and sleeps with them occasionally.

Since he has gained notoriety as the “cat grandpa,” he is motivating many people online to donate to the shelter.

By becoming a fan of Safe Haven Sanctuary on Facebook and contributing to their cause there, you can show your support.

Meet Terry, a 75-year-old grandpa who frequents his local animal sanctuary in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary.

When Terry can cuddle with shelter cats, he loves to take naps. He always travels with his dependable blue kitty brush.

He sneakily takes a quick nap in between each cat’s turn. He is a priceless gem in the sanctuary; the internet can’t help but agree.

He is so cute that the internet believes he should have an Instagram account.

He now has a personality at the nearby shelter and goes by the name “Cat Grandpa.”

He is inspiring a lot of people to support the asylum. It also encourages people to donate to the kitties with specific needs.

The cats are really appreciative of his assistance and he is now a recognized volunteer at the sanctuary. He will always be the greatest feline grandfather the internet has ever known.

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