This woman did not take care of her face but a makeup artist transformed her into a true beauty

Every woman wants to admire the way she looks in the mirror. This is, after all, such a wonderful sensation.

Ayan Shafag is a stylist and makeup artist. The young girl had a sincere desire to change people. She began doing it professionally for that reason.

Ayan continually develops her talents after enrolling in specialized classes. She is well-known in her field, and many people value her creative output.

Ayan recently put together a unique project. She went up to women she thought needed a makeup artist’s assistance on the street.

They were granted access to her salon for a few hours. Women simply don’t recognize themselves after Ayan’s work.

By the way, despite the fact that it can be difficult to trust a stranger, the make-up artist manages to charm the ladies.

So, Shafag’s client was a regular woman who had neglected her own needs for a long time. In order to compare the before and after results, the makeup artist took photos before beginning.

The magic has started.

The client looked average and ordinary. And Shafag was given more opportunities to work.

She started by putting specific cosmetics on the client’s parched skin. This had a transient effect, but at least makeup will be feasible.

In order to prevent these effects, a lady must regularly use skin care cosmetics.

The art of makeup. Ayan selected makeup that complemented the client’s skin tone. She had to apply a thick foundation in order to level out the skin tone first. The visitor now appeared much better. Ayan utilized correctors, blush, and a highlighter to give her complexion a healthy glow in order to complete the tone.

Now let’s talk about eye makeup. They were to be made expressive by the makeup artist. Ayan created the look of “smoky eyes” with the use of an eyeshadow palette, but she didn’t use the traditional black or gray shades for this; instead, she used something more vibrant. She chose a pink makeup color. Additionally, it is still fashionable.

The hairdo is the final but not least detail, without which the picture would be lacking. The client then experienced issues, and her hair just required restorative therapies. In this instance, Shafag styled, colored, and placed a care mask on the visitor’s hair.

It goes without saying how thrilled the woman was to see herself in the mirror.

She grinned as she took a glance in the mirror and said, “Thanks to the makeup artist, this is the greatest.”

Let’s hope that our heroine will be inspired to make some sort of change despite the fact that this transformation is only temporary. Most importantly, the woman had the belief that everything is possible and that all women can be attractive with a little work.

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