A student married an old man but only found out his age at the wedding…

The young student wed a 70-year-old retiree, as was the custom. Xiao remained dejected throughout the days leading up to the celebration; unsurprisingly, the young woman was concerned about the unfair marriage.

The wedding happened, the student didn’t protest with her parents, and that evening the groom unintentionally exposed the girl’s true age. The family of Xiao Qu belonged to the lower middle class. The girl’s parents betrothed their daughter without even acquiring a dowry because they always imagined her marrying a wealthy and noble guy.

The student was unable to defy her parents’ wishes because doing so is illegal in China. While grieving, he was also humbly getting ready for the wedding. Meetings with the retired groom increased in frequency, and something about them always struck Xiao as odd.

The dude was incredibly engaged, courteous, and pleasant. The girl eventually became aware that her concerns for the wedding had subsided. The older man won his approval more and more. The ceremony proceeded as planned, and when it was time for the young couple to retire, they did so.

The husband instructed Xiao to watch the door so that he could use the restroom. The girl entered after hearing his call and was astonished to find a young man there instead of a senior citizen.

The explanations went on for around six hours. It turned out that Xiao’s fiancee was a billionaire businessman from a different region of the nation. He purposefully pretended to be a 70-year-old man in order to pique genuine interest in his partner’s personality initially.

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