They are the richest couple in Dubai and here is how they live…

Dubai today resembles a magnificent oasis in the middle of the desert. The city has countless chances for work, play, and travel. However, Dubai was once simply a little village; therefore, this was not always the case. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum was able to alter the settlement.

Additionally, the sheik’s family amassed wealth that would be difficult for the average person to fathom while the sheik was rapidly developing the city. The lifestyle of Dubai’s wealthiest family, whose leader founded the Ministry of Happiness in the nation, is all the more fascinating to observe. The sheik also serves as the prime minister of the United Arab Emirates, and his net worth is reportedly about 18 billion dollars.

Mohammed personally founded and developed a number of significant businesses in the emirate of Dubai, including the Emirates airline, the most opulent hotel in the world, the Burj Al Arab, the archipelago of man-made islands, and the renowned Burj Khalifa tower. The Sheikh was appointed UAE Prime Minister in 2016. The Emir of Dubai was able to establish himself in this role by simultaneously announcing the formation of two new ministries.

The Ministry of Happiness is one of them, and its exclusive focus is on finding innovative ways to “produce public good and happiness” for the nation’s residents. The sheik earned every penny of his riches with such a “portfolio,” and he put a sizeable portion of it into luxurious properties all around the world. For instance, the sheik family resides in a 1600 square meter, two-story penthouse in Monaco. The ruler of Dubai spent $308 million to buy it.

The emir also has a property in Scotland. The sheik paid $ 5.5 million for the estate, which included 25,000 hectares, a 14-bedroom home, various guest houses, its own stable, multiple swimming pools, and a tennis court. But not everything in the world can be purchased with cash. 2019 saw the Emir of Dubai’s wife leave him and take roughly $40 million for a “good life.”

A significant political issue developed when the woman fled for Berlin. The sheik wanted her return because Al Maktoum’s income is gradually increasing. And it’s possible that Dubai, which is under his administration, is anticipating brand-new, even more, grandiose initiatives.

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