A 78-year-old woman looks so much younger with makeup on!

Christopher Hopkins has long been a major figure in the fashion and beauty industries. His mom, Joanna Hopkins, has many years of experience as a personal stylist and style advisor. Her cosmetics application process is demonstrated in this video in simple steps.

Joanna begins by applying a heavy coverage foundation over her entire face to hide wrinkles and fine lines. She applies bronzer along the cheekbones and temples to give the face depth.

In order to add more warmth to the final appearance, the cheeks are given a blush in the foundation’s final phase. In order to lift the face and give it a dewy appearance, she also uses a sheer highlighter.

The key to Joanna’s finished makeup is a vibrant lip liner, which she coats with powder to prevent smudging throughout the day. She applies a glossy finish to her lips to help the liner disappear.

In the finished look, the brows are crucial for framing the face. Joanna fills in any areas that may have thinned out with aging and follows the natural arch of her brow with a neutral brown powder.

To make her eyes stand out, Joanna applies many different tones of purple eyeshadow and mixes them all together with a sponge. The shadow extends from the brow bone to the eyelid. For an even more dramatic appearance, she also fades it out toward the temple. She completes the look with cat-eye eyeliner and traditional black mascara.

The result has a sleek, clean, and professional appearance. She appears to be years younger, thanks to the makeup procedures applied. Her inherent features are highlighted by subtle additions like a faint blush and highlighter, creating a stunning overall effect.

Watch the video here:

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