The largest door in the world was built 1000 years ago… Just one person can open it…

One of the biggest and tallest doors in the world is thought to be the substantial double bronze door of the Pantheon.

It was built in 115 AD, and each leaf is 8.5 tons in weight. Even one individual can open the sash in spite of the structure’s enormous capacity thanks to its weight distribution system.

The door was once thought to be the original’s later replacement. Furthermore, experts did not believe that people from the previous millennia could actually possess such technology. These doors, one of the few surviving monumental bronze monuments, turned proved to be ancient Roman doors following a careful analysis of the alloys.

The investigation of the technology removed any concerns about age despite the fact that they were cleaned over the years and new patterns and motifs were added.

The 8.5-ton double door spins on pins that are put into the floor and the top architrave. It was feasible to remove the wooden shell and replace the plugs, which must deteriorate under such weight, thanks to an inventive but time-consuming and confusing procedure.

The entire door collapsed in 1757 while efforts were being made to keep it operational. The left doorway was just slightly open, and the right door was totally closed.

After extensive research, the doors were lifted somewhat, the pins were changed, and the entire structure was put back in place two centuries later with the help of specially produced plates. Today, all one needs to do is travel to Italy to view the doors.

Watch the video below.

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