This 9-year-old was overweight but she looks so much fitter now!

Breanna Bond has dealt with teasing while attending school. She weighed a lot when she was in first grade. The first graders were interested in her since she weighed 45 kilograms. She gained more weight yearly.

It was discovered that the 9-year-old girl weighed 84 kg. She moved slowly everywhere she went. She took naps every day. Bond was affected by peer teasing.

The girl’s weight issue is her parents’ fault. Breanna favored packaged, greasy, sweet food. The family engaged in fast food once a week. Only the daughter experienced side effects from the calorie-dense diet.

Obesity is unhealthy, according to the doctor. The dietitian suggested such modifications. she decided to visit the gym.

The young woman started competing in basketball, running and swimming. Starting out was difficult. Breanna was exhausted since her efforts had been ineffective. Teenagers with an excessive obsession with food.

She claims that if she had received more candy as a child, she would have been happier. The entire situation changed in a short period of time. The young lady suddenly shrank. Then there is still more.

A shared buddy was unable to place the young lady at the pool. The previous Breanna is no more. She lost 35 pounds in a year. Bond participated in the Olympic Games for young athletes when he was 13 years old. Cheerleader.

Breanna lost a large amount of weight.

She has now made the decision to impart her knowledge in an effort to help others succeed in their weight loss goals.

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