This lady is only 16 yet she sounds like Whitney Houston when she sings… Video attached!

The 16-year-old Australian vocalist decided to sing solo on Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know” during her blind auditions for “The Voice.” Keith, Jess, Rita, and Guy, the four musical coaches, were blown away by her amazing performance.

An inward cry is heard in music. Possibly the best illustration of what soul connection might have been like without the development of language, the creation of words, and the analysis of concepts is music.

For Wena, music was everything. Her friends and teachers frequently encouraged her to calm down because she was usually singing in class. She intended to dazzle the coaches once more as she had during the auditions.

She is quite lovely.

Keith gave Wena a compliment and said that she should be pleased that her family was so delighted by her solo performance. He continued by saying that he thought it was beautiful that such kind people surrounded her. She ultimately decided on Jess to be her coach.

Wena’s vocal coach assigned her to perform Dua Lipa’s “Don’t Start Now” in the semifinals. The gifted singer was astonished to learn that the song had been chosen because it wasn’t the style of music she typically sang.

Wena believed her trainer, though, and joined in with the song after Jess revealed that she had the talent. She performed the song beautifully. But Jess selected Faith to represent her squad in the championship game.

Here is the video:

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