These beautiful actresses shaved their head for their role and here is how they ended up looking…

These actors and actresses have shown that bald women can still appear feminine.

The next widely known, intelligent, and successful woman demonstrated that femininity is not usually associated with gorgeous, loose curls. Their inspiring tales served as evidence that even without hair on their heads, women can look lovely, feminine, and confident.

The majority of them made this choice in order to play certain roles in movies, whilst the start of a completely new stage of life required an entirely different appearance.

Here are a few of those who gave up their hair to pursue acting careers while still looking stunning and feminine.


The cult moment made it into the movies when this celebrity actress shaved her head in front of the photographers. You can see the jaw-dropping sequence from “V means Vendetta.”


The idol of millions silenced admirers by making an appearance with a nearly hairless head. The “Twilight” star then made a comment about the film’s entirely new look. This is quite useful.


It should be remembered that the actress in front of us was among the first in the world to give up her hair for a movie part. For the film “Soldier Jane,” the cult favorite and ex-wife of B. Willis cut her opulent dark hair.


For the great movie “Paradise,” the well-known actress made the decision to shave her head. The fabled woman claimed that it was actually a very freeing experience.


It is noteworthy that one of the most attractive and successful actresses gained more than 15 kg for the movie “Monster” and sacrificed her blond hair for “Mad Max: Fury Road.”


Regarding Ann, she sacrificed her magnificent black hair for the role of Fantine in “Les Miserables” and later won an Oscar for it.

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