Her mom spent a lot of her income on creating a real beauty out of her little daughter… Photos attached!

The teenage contestant who won a beauty contest has already been covered extensively in the British media. Tina Valchak, who is ten years old today, has spent half of her life training for and competing in shows.

The mom of the multiple winners said that the family had previously spent $16,000 on entry fees for children’s beauty contests. Furthermore, neither Madara Zilbert nor her spouse Voychech Valchak ever felt really bad about their purchases.

Contrary to other parents of young contenders, Tina was the one who came up with the idea of “becoming a princess,” not the pair. Madara didn’t decide to fulfill her daughter’s wish right once, but after a few weeks, she started looking for information regarding regional equivalents of the American reality show.

Tina was promptly enrolled for participation in the project in Dublin by Toddlers and Tiaras, which has its own representative office.

The initial competition cost £1,000, with the majority of the costs going on costumes, hairstyles, and unique makeup in addition to hotel and travel costs.

Nevertheless, as soon as her daughter hit the stage, Madara understood that money is merely a tool. She had never before noticed Tina be so brilliant and self-assured. The baby is quiet and rarely interacts with strangers in daily life, but Tina changed drastically during the event and appeared joyful.

The young beauty has won 20 honors so far, and with every new competition, her mother’s experience also expands. Madara works for a shop chain in the city of Wellingborough, where the family resides, while Voychech works at a warehouse.

Parents of contestants make large contributions, and the woman makes her daughter’s clothes, does her cosmetics, and styles her in order to save money.

Although Tina’s father is certain that her daughter will have a wonderful time, she already realizes that expecting everyone to like it is impossible.

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