Cassel has a young wife after divorcing Bellucci but people say that she is not as beautiful as Bellucci…

The most recent photo of Cassel and Kunakey has received a great deal of backlash from the actor’s devoted followers.

At this time, the relationship between French film star and Bellucci’s ex-husband V. Cassel and his second wife, model T. Kunakey, is considered to be one of the most prominent, but at the same time, scandalous ones of today.

Cassel is Bellucci’s ex-husband.

Even though almost everybody was totally sure that the pair would soon break up, they continue never to stop expressing their mutual affections towards one other, and they are soon going to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary as well as their 8th anniversary of being in a relationship.

On the other hand, the couples continue to be the source of controversy on the network due to the fact that many people persist in badmouthing them and alleging that they genuinely seem more like an elderly man and his granddaughter.

Some people have even remarked that Vincent has significantly reduced his weight and that he appears to be more in tune with Monica as a result.

The French actor is still being blamed by a significant number of internet users for divorcing Bellucci, who is regarded as the pinnacle of feminine beauty and appeal, the true icon of style and femininity, and who asserts that the young model cannot even be compared to the Italian diva.

Millions of people believe that Kunakey will never be able to compete with Monica because, in comparison to one of the most alluring and graceful ladies in the world, Kunakey is still a young model.

There is no disputing the fact that Bellucci is without competition, and it is safe to say that there are not many many ladies that are similar to her.

Everybody was rendered completely astonished as a result of the latest attractive appearance of the Italian diva on the cover of a German magazine.

The legendary singer was completely dressed up in a dazzling champagne and a blouse that was entirely see-through.

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