Former male contestant wins Miss America pageant!

Brian Nguyen, a transgender man who underwent gender reassignment, became the first transgender man to triumph in a Miss America-sponsored beauty pageant.

The article states that “he won the Miss Greater Derry title.”

The Miss Greater Derry Scholarship is given to the pageant winner.

“I’m 19 years old, a Business Administration major in my initial year at Nashua Community College, and my name is Brian Nguyen. Nguyen remarked on her own blog, “I am honored to be the first transgender woman to win the local Miss America title.

Social media users responded to Brian’s victory in a variety of ways.

“This is how misogyny actually manifests itself,” “Yes, because men want to devalue us, the Miss America competition will no longer be about women,” Indignant ladies blasted him on social media, saying, “He didn’t even make a gorgeous girl.”

The U.S. Court of Appeals decided this week that transgender contestants cannot be forced to compete in Miss United States because doing so would prevent the organization from promoting “an ideal vision of American womanhood.”

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