The Siamese twins were successfully split apart. The brothers are already adults and here is how they look…

The procedure was completed in 27 hours by a medical team under the direction of James Goodrich. Anias received special consideration because he was initially less strong than his sibling. He underwent surgery for six hours longer than Jadon.

Additionally, a more significant issue than the doctors had anticipated surfaced during the procedure: the youngsters shared a bigger volume of the brain. However, the procedure was successful since the kids survived for a crucial length of time—72 hours.

Anias, as was predicted, experienced more pain from the procedure than Jadon because he had convulsions before it. Doctors have added anticonvulsants to the list of medications he requires.

Anias has just begun to open his eyes and respond to his parents. Jadon can move the right side of his body (his left is momentarily paralyzed), and he even reaches out to grab his parents by the finger while grinning. After the surgery, the infant attempted to remove the oxygen tube that he now uses to breathe.

The 13-month-old Siamese brothers Jadon and Aniase had some brain tissue, according to a previous MedNovosti story. However, experts said that surgery was required, despite the dangers. Children whose lives otherwise could not have survived to their second birthday could only be saved by it.

Nicole, the mother of the babies, said that although initially, they did not want to bring much attention to their situation, she can now appreciate everyone for their support and the physicians’ hard work.

About $ 2.5 million was needed for the procedure, and the parents were able to raise this sum with the help of generous people.

Now that the procedure has been finished, Nicole and her husband Christian are requesting that anyone who wants to assist their children instead make a financial contribution to a relative whose child need a kidney transplant.

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