Marilyn Monroe shared her pictures from when she was younger… Here is what she used to look like…

Without a loving father and the care and love from her mom that she required throughout her life, Norma Jean was born on June 1, 1926, in Los Angeles, South California.

The girl’s life was really unstable and she didn’t have a family.

Norma Jean was a gifted writer anyway, contributing to her school newspaper.

She started working at an aviation factory when she was 19 years old, during World War II. Her modeling career got its start here.

Photographs of the manufacturing workers were taken, and Norma Jean’s image was praised for its fruitful outcomes.

She was given the chance to participate in a picture shoot in exchange for money, and she soon joined the Blue Book modeling agency.

She realized her distinctive appearance at this point and dyed her hair a platinum blonde.

She was recognizable due to her red lipstick, sparkling grin, light skin tone, and blonde hair.

She secured a deal with the 20th Century Fox film company in 1946, which was an essential event in her life.

She was forced to change her identity and last name to the alias Marilyn Monroe by the studio.

This was the beginning of a successful Hollywood career.

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