A woman who was drunk left her vehicle at the cafe and found this note the following morning…

Paula Gerzlak-Schultz made the decision to leave her car at the restaurant after spending time with her partner and take a taxi home instead of driving after drinking.

Would you happen to have ever left your car somewhere overnight? In that case, you’re probably familiar with the anxiety of finding a report on the windshield, a reprimand from a store owner, or, in the worst cases, discovering that the car isn’t there at all since it was towed or, god forbid, stolen when you go to check on it.

The following day, Paula was shocked to see that none of these terrifying possibilities had come to pass when she went back to the “Original Joes” restaurant in Alberta, Canada, to get into her car. Instead, she found a touching letter from the restaurant on the windshield of the automobile.

Paula posted the message on Facebook, where it received over 10,000 shares and 30,000 likes.

The note said the following:

Greetings, Original Joe’s visitor.

I am writing to let you know how thankful I am for leaving your car parked all night. We want to thank you for not drinking and driving, even though I wonder if you drank at our restaurant or not.

A coupon for 1 lb of our delectable chicken wings is enclosed. As a token of appreciation for being responsible, I’d like you to please accept the voucher. Life is precious; enjoy your weekend.

One of the restaurant managers, Jay McLean, left the lovely and heartfelt message.

To warn others against driving after drinking, McLean claimed he started placing notes on cars. He combats drunk driving by setting a good example and having a nice heart.

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