This girl with long hair decided to get a haircut and here is how she looks now!

The Rapunzels of today are unafraid of change, even the kinds of shifts that are linked with long-held expectations around the length of hair that should be worn by girls.

One good example is the protagonist of today’s story, who has appreciated and cared for her long hair for a significant amount of time.

After that, she let the excitement of the moment guide her decision, and she immediately got rid of her.

The barber stood in solidarity with her and, with a few swift motions of the scissors, he lopped off dozens of centimeters of her once-glorious hair and dropped it to the ground.

What do we get in exchange? Pixie of the youth fashion set.

According to the hairstylist who worked on the youngster, the girl has evolved, discovering her own sense of style and developing a more open, altered face.

The hair, well, what exactly is the hair? If Rapunzel has her way, they will return to their previous length.

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