Tom Cruise got older and disappointed his fans because of his appearance… Here is how he looks now…

Tom Cruise, an American actor who starred as one of Hollywood’s most recognizable leading men in the 1980s, is renowned for his sleek good looks and adaptability.

He appeared in supporting roles in films like “Taps,” which was a commercial and critical triumph and brought widespread Cruise fame.

Tom Cruise, a well-known and talented actor in Hollywood, turned 60 this year.

Tom Cruise rose to fame in the 1980s and has remained a romantic interest ever since.

Some people think the actor still looks like his 24-year-old self because of his active lifestyle.

He has always been an attractive, ageless man. However, time passes, and nobody gets any younger.

Tom recently revealed a new image of himself, amazing admirers. Fans informed him that even plastic would not be able to save him because they thought the photo was not the most successful.

Fans of Cruise asked, “How has he changed,” and “I guess he doesn’t look fine.” Many others have noted how much the actor’s attractive appearance had changed. Additionally, he wouldn’t be able to work and make money using his looks.

Others said that Tom looks young for his age despite being 60 years old. What do you think—does he still appeal to you?

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