Drew Barrymore said that she never gives her kids presents for Christmas and provided an explanation…

Despite his early success, Drew Barrymore’s childhood cannot be described as joyful. He had troubled connections with his split parents, went to rehab, and even tried to run away from home, but he was never successful.

However, Drew is now a well-known actress, a UN ambassador, and the mother of two kids, Olive, 10, and Frankie, 8. Barrymore is a rather conservative parent; it was discovered that the actress doesn’t give her daughters presents for the biggest holiday of the year.

Before Christmas, parents plan what gifts they will put beneath the tree for their children. Drew not however.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actress stated, “I don’t give kids anything at Christmas.”

Instead, I always bring them along when I go on vacation. I assure them that we will have images and a wealth of impressions to help us remember this location.

I purchase them various items throughout the year, so I’m not this odd, stern, or frigid mother who tells the kids: “No gifts for you!” Our shared memories seem to me to be the ultimate gift. To put it in them is preferable. In May, the girls will also receive some sort of dollhouse, Barrymore continued.

Recall that the celebrity had daughters during her marriage to Will Kopelman, an art consultant and the son of former Chanel director Ari Kopelman.

In 2011, they began dating, and they were wed in 2012. The union only lasted four years.

2016 saw Barrymore’s divorce petition. The actress is currently in a new relationship, but she is keeping the identity of her partner a secret.

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