Katie Price is the queen of plastic surgery and here is how her 15-year-ols daughter looks like!

So here’s what a successful modeling career, involvement in innumerable reality programs, multiple failed marriages, numerous plastic operations, five children, and even parliamentary elections had in store for her.

It is still unclear how she raised 5 kids, one of whom has a number of congenital illnesses, while juggling their upbringing.

The moment the girl started her modeling career, she developed a plastic surgery addiction. She received a lot of employment offers, but she was never happy with herself.

Junior Saava and Princess Thiami are two darling heirs she had from her second marriage to Peter Andre.

Princess, now 15 years old, has a stunning new appearance and remarkably resembles her mother did before plastic surgery.

She has beautiful blond hair, huge blue eyes, and a picture-perfect face. Additionally, the girl is a huge fashion fan.

It is to be hoped that the Princess will reject plastic surgery in contrast to her famous mother.

Because of her mother’s incessant need to improve, she was forced to give up a great modeling career and become a regular contestant on countless reality TV series.

Her innate stunning beauty vanished as she artificially transformed into a better version of herself.

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