A young woman adopts thirteen kids to raise as her own before getting married… Here is how they look now…

The day a lady marries her soul match is among her most memorable moments. Nothing would please us all more than for our loved ones to be present as we celebrate this unique day.

There were 13 adopted daughters from Uganda who belonged to Katie Davis.

Nashville-native Kathy once led a life straight out of a novel. She had a lovely boyfriend, a nice convertible to drive, nice clothes to wear, and the prom queen title to top off her high school career.

According to her parents’ wishes, she had always planned to attend college. Kathy hadn’t intended to act in that manner.

During her gap year, this young woman planned to volunteer in Uganda.

Katie, a young single woman, is thinking about adopting. Davis took in 13 young ladies. She claims that her experience dealing with adoptive families has helped her to appreciate love and tranquility better.

Foster parents probably have a ton of stories to share about the moment they knew their child was a divine gift. I was fortunate. When asked to express her feelings, Katie replied, “It seems deeper than love.”

Her greater willingness to explore new things led to the love she eventually found. Benji Majors eventually received Katie Majors’ commitment.

Living in Jinja, a town on the shores of Lake Victoria, are Katy, Benji, and their 14 kids. Mary, Katie’s mother, spends a whole month visiting every year. The grandmother adores each of her 14 grandchildren.

She believed that her daughter needed to complete college. Yet, she is really helpful and makes every effort to help Katie.

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