After ten years of marriage and four kids, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds share the key to their happy life…

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have been together for more than ten years.

After their 2012 wedding, they welcomed four children into the world.

The fourth kid, who was born in the winter of 2023 but whose gender has not yet been disclosed by the actors, was the family’s most recent addition. They have three daughters as well.

Blake and Ryan have a great sense of humor, and we admire them for it. The couple frequently plays practical jokes on one another on social media, which makes us all chuckle.

What else, though, keeps their union intact? They discuss it among themselves.

Blake explained, “My spouse and I never have jobs at the same time, so we can always be together as a family.

We simply adore one another. When we were pals, we genuinely enjoyed one another. And as a result, our feelings for one another have grown,” Ryan joked.

“That’s what I value most about our relationship: he has always been, first and foremost, my friend. And that, in my opinion, is the key to happiness. Although I am not aware of the key to happiness, I do know what makes me happy. The nicest thing is when we put our phones away and simply hang around and talk,” Blake echoed.

However, Ryan never gets tired of praising and thanking his wife in public comments at ceremonies. Also, the performers appear to value their time spent together truly.

And, of course, their jokes demonstrate that they are compatible, which is the most crucial factor in any relationship.

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