Brad Pitt introduced the kids to his new partner, and he doesn’t care much about what Angelina Jolie thinks of it…

It appears that Brad Pitt has met the woman of his dreams after engaging in a string of superficial relationships for a few months.

A multitude of indicators instantly points to this. First of all, they have been spotted together multiple times. The Daily Mail journalists recently discovered that the star had already introduced his sweetheart to his children, which brings us to our second point.

Hence, it appears that everything is quite serious.

In a conversation with reporters, the source stressed that “she is familiar with most of his children.” He continued by saying that Ines de Ramon handles every aspect of Brad Pitt’s complicated and public divorce.

An actor who is sick of drama in his relationships with his ex-wife was drawn to the woman’s quiet and reserved nature.

Pitt doesn’t care what Angelina thinks of what is happening at the same time.

He actually doesn’t give a damn what Angie thinks anymore. He wants her to understand that he is content with another lady, according to the insider.

Since Brad Pitt’s bond with Ines de Ramon is only growing, Angelina Jolie is packing up everything that reminds her of her marriage to him.

“Brad and Angie’s relationship was a loud disaster in the making. But there isn’t much drama or emotion in his relationship with Ines. The insider claims that she is quite restrained.

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