A violinist from Ukraine plays an Elvis favorite in public… Video attached!

Imagine passing by a busy shopping district and hearing lovely music emanating from among the people. A little violin prodigy playing fills the room with music.

Incredible teen violinist Karolina Protsenko plays for people on the street to make them happy. Her parents both play the guitar and the piano, and she was raised in a musical household in Ukraine.

She was just six years old when her family relocated to the United States. Early on, Karolina got traditional training. Along with Facebook and Instagram, she runs three YouTube channels.

Karolina tackles Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Stop Falling in Love” in this performance. While on the street, she sings a beautiful performance while onlookers watch and record with their cellphones.

Elvis made the song in 1961 for the film “Blue Hawaii.” Over the years, numerous other artists have recorded it, including the British reggae band UB40.

Her fan base has increased to more than 10 million followers in more than 50 countries in just a few short years. She is a rising sensation due to her exceptional abilities and passion for music.

Along with playing the violin brilliantly, Karolina also dances while the audience applauds. Karolina performs the Elvis song while dazzling onlookers with balletic motions.

Here is the video:

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