Jennifer Love Hewitt from the movie “Heartbreakers” has changed and here is how she looks now…

Jennifer Love, who played Melinda Gordon in “Ghost Whisperer,” appears here after a long absence.

J. Love Hewitt, a skilled and prominent actress of the 2000s, was able to maintain her charm and distinctive beauty even after giving birth to children.

Hewitt rose to fame as Melinda in “Ghost Whisperer,” where she initially rose to stardom.

She is well known for her performances in the films “I Know What You Did Last Summer” and “Heartbreakers,” as well as the television series “The Five of Us.”

The famous woman gave birth to a daughter in 2013 with her spouse Brian Hallisay. Two years later, their son was born, and in 2021, they welcomed a second child into the world.

To say that the actress from the 2000s has changed significantly, obviously gaining weight, is really not saying much. Hewitt, 43, significantly added weight, and this is how she now appears.

Also, she appeared as a 911 dispatcher in the television series “911. Rescue Service” for viewers to watch.

Surprisingly, her real-life spouse Brian Hallisey did a fantastic job portraying her husband there.

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