The 73-year-old Gere’s beautiful wife commented about her partner’s health issues: “Age makes it apparent.”

Despite their 33-year age difference, Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva faced harsh criticism when they revealed their intention to raise a family and were married.

Regarding her relationship with the Pretty Woman celebrity, Silva asserted that she thought the universe was on her side.

Silva claimed that when they rejoined years later, they fell in love right away.

In 2015, the wife spoke up about her long-distance romance with Gere, revealing that they would connect when their children were with their ex-spouses.

The 73-year-old Gere’s youthful wife then discussed her husband’s medical issues.

Richard Gere’s wife shared a picture from the occasion. Remember that Alejandra’s spouse is 34 years older than she is.

She admitted that her husband was ill while on vacation. Even though Alejandra had to call an ambulance, fortunately, nothing bad happened.

Fans have previously been quite critical of this union. But lately, a lot of people’s views have changed.

The actor’s wife is appreciated by the internet community, who also wish him a swift recovery.

Negative views have existed and will continue to exist. But the spouses are no longer bothered by this.

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