People believed he was too overweight to dance, however…

Dancing demands skill, fashion sense, but most importantly, intense passion. The young man who stars in this video proves that it is possible to perform excellent choreography even with a body that is far from ideal.

Ballet is a very delicate art that calls for grace, precision, and lightness.

But, a lot of people think it’s always associated with being in ideal physical condition. But is it actually true?

The video’s main character demonstrated the exact opposite. According to the traditional canons of dance, his body definitely cannot be described as slim or ideal, but his zeal and inner strength make him a very talented dancer, and he dances really well.

Everyone in the room is quite doubtful about this man’s ability to perform well when he first begins to dance. But then Aoniken Quiroga, with partner Alejandra Mantinan, starts dancing and leaves everyone completely stunned.

Their movements are quick and light, and their amazing connection together creates a choreography that is enjoyable to see. An significant illustration and role model for anyone who enjoys dancing but doesn’t possess the physique they believe is necessary.

Get a dose of the awesomeness and optimism of rock & roll.

Here is the video:

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