76-year-old artist Cher is going to record her new album inspired by her 37-year-old partner…

Last November, Cher made it known that she was dating producer Alexander Edwards, 37.

She expressed her delight in her new boyfriend. Additionally, she recently announced to E! journalists that she would simultaneously release two new albums, demonstrating that positive emotions have a positive impact on an artist’s state of mind.

“I’m taking a flight to London to record two new tracks. I’m thrilled and excited about it since Alexander provided me some of these tunes,” the celebrity highlighted in a press conference.

She acknowledged how much she valued her boyfriend’s skills.

He is a writer as well as a music producer. He is capable of virtually anything. And I’m overjoyed about it,” the famous person continued.

When an artist knows they have a challenging project ahead of them, they naturally feel a little eager, as Cher claims. At the end of this year, the singer also stated that she intends to go on tour.

The celebrity declared, “Now I’m attempting to get in shape.

Recall how Cher’s new romance attracted a lot of skepticism from Internet users at first. Insiders assured that she would not pay attention to criticism posted online.

She is aware that there is a lot of doubt surrounding this romance. Yet she is unconcerned.

She claims that she and Alexander have a unique relationship and that she appreciates the attention. She feels more alive and appealing than ever thanks to him, according to individuals in the star’s entourage.

By the way, she herself discussed her relationship with her partner in her speech.

“Well, on the surface, that seems kind of absurd. Yet we get along just great in real life. I genuinely believe he is a fantastic man, you see.

And this despite the fact that I no longer randomly bestow virtues upon those who are around me, “the star said.
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