The iconic singer Madonna’s outrageous appearance, which included “a bloated face and profanity,” sparked intense debates…

64-year-old As Madonna appeared in a close-up photo, she turned away her followers.

In general, followers of today’s popular and widely recognized celebrities are rarely given the opportunity to observe how their heroes appear in real life and unannounced.

Madonna, the Grammy Award winner, has recently generated controversy.

The previously renowned and iconic singer Madonna has changed significantly and no longer resembles the persona she portrays on social media, contrary to what many have hastened to assert.

Her face is tremendously enlarged, and her lips and cheeks appear unusually large, which causes her supporters to worry about the health of their idol.

Although though her face didn’t have any noticeable deep creases or folds, many people thought that she looked really unattractive.

«My eyes are so unbelievable! Is she really here? » and « What happened to the legendary performer?

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