Mother demonstrated what it is like to have three children in her own experience and example…

A woman named Maria, who was 36 years old and originally from Norway but now resides in Denmark, went in for the initial ultrasound of her second pregnancy on May 9th (she already had a two-year-old son).

The procedure was scheduled to take place during the 13th week, and all expectations were that it would be completely routine. If not for one small fact: all three of Maria’s children were discovered inside her stomach at the same time. As it turned out, there were two girls and one boy in the group.

Maria’s eyes welled up with tears whenever she reflected on the fact that the family would soon be augmented by triplets. The Norwegian woman, who described herself as being in “complete shock” after hearing the news, referred to the information as “the biggest surprise in life.” She would have to deal with all three of her children at the same time.

When we were exactly 13 weeks pregnant, we went in for our first ultrasound. The greatest surprise of our entire lives was in store for us. Total and utter surprise

Maria appeared to be about the same size as a typical woman would have been at the end of her pregnancy when she was about halfway through her term. It is true that she had to give birth to a smaller number of children than is typical.

It won’t be too much longer until we run into them. If all goes well, it should be around 16 weeks.

After the first half of the school year had passed, Mary’s belly started expanding at an alarming rate, eventually reaching dimensions that were beyond belief.

The Norwegian photographer took pictures at two-week intervals to document this process. On September 10, she published the completed collage on her website.

Maria was taken aback by the fact that she was still able to stand upright when her stomach had reached a weight of approximately 20 kilograms by the middle of September.

The Norwegian clarified this information in the caption that accompanied the photo when it was published on September 10; the children are expected to be born within the next few days.

And it would appear that the young couple, whose wedding took place during the course of Mary’s pregnancy, is already making strenuous efforts to get ready for the arrival of their new child in the family.

They joked that they would have to trade in their roomy SUV for a more cramped minibus if they were forced to make the switch.

Because our apartment is only 80 square meters and has two bedrooms, the triplets will spend their first year with us in the room that we occupy.

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