People love these Albino sisters and here is how their parents look!

Meet Assel and Camila, two incredible sisters who are popular on social media and in real life.

media. Everyone is drawn to them by their beauty, and they reciprocate by receiving numerous flattering comments on their images.

They are well-known around the world because they were born in Kazakhstan and are thought to be the only albinos there.

The sisters, who are 15 and 2 years old, have thousands of Instagram followers, which is not unexpected given how great they are.

They receive several offers to participate in numerous shows or videos in well-known magazines because they are the focus of fashion publications. But, these stunning women have already achieved success as models.

The most astounding thing about them is that when they were born, their parents were completely unprepared for children with such an appearance. They are possibly like them because the girl’s mother had some albino relatives.

The older sister initially felt self-conscious about her beauty and believed it to be a flaw, but after hearing her parents argue the opposite, she began to love herself.

At first, the youngster didn’t accept his sisters, thinking that they weren’t his sisters.

But his mother thoroughly explained to him what albinism is. He now considers them to be truly distinctive and is rather proud of them.

The girls’ skin needs to be protected from the sun because it is so delicate and easily damaged. Also, they require glasses because of their impaired vision.

Their followers are captivated by their originality and eagerly anticipate daily posts.

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