You’ll be astounded to know how Cher looked 50 years ago…

The singer Cher seems to have always had the same appearance in our eyes. But do you remember how she appeared in her youth? She is completely unrecognizable in old pictures of the singer!

At age 76, Cher still looks fantastic. But over the course of her life, she underwent numerous plastic procedures. When she was 28 years old in 1974, the singer underwent her first plastic surgery.

The celebrity admitted in one of the interviews that she always struggled with her nose and ultimately chose to get rhinoplasty: “I looked at myself on the TV and thought that I was a solid nose.”

Eventually, according to Western newspapers, Cher had at least three further rhinoplasty procedures. And this is the singer’s appearance from the 1960s.

The diva underwent a rhinoplasty as well as the implantation of face implants to enhance her cheekbones. Even the appearance of her ears changed, as did the contour of her eyes.

Even the singer acknowledged that she had a facelift: “Sure, I had a facelift, but who hadn’t? Everyone claims that I am afraid of aging. But, the reality is that growing older and leaving the stage are two things that apply to me.

We may claim that Cher has experimented with every advancement in plastic surgery. “I was aware that the blonde with blue eyes I had always wanted to be would never gaze back at me in the mirror.

But I wanted to get the ideal appearance with the assistance of specialists,” the artist remembered later, admitting that plastic surgery had turned into an addiction that she didn’t want to kick.

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