Selena Gomez responds to the online criticism Hailey Bieber has been getting from her followers…

The argument between Selena and Hailey seems to have existed forever. But the singer’s supporters never stop standing up for her.

Because of her relatively innocuous jokes about Gomez, Justin Bieber’s wife experienced yet another wave of hatred.

It’s unclear if Hailey and Kylie Jenner were intentionally making light of Selena’s failed eyebrow lamination, but they did.

After making such untrue jokes, they started to lose Instagram followers. Also, it’s often unsettling to read the comments under their most recent posts. There have been riots caused by Selena’s supporters for several weeks.

While Gomez herself addressed them with a call to calm down, it appears that the fervent supporters of the singer have gone too far.

In a post on Instagram, she acknowledged that Hailey had been in touch with her and informed her of the horrific threats made against her.

“Hailey Bieber got in touch with me and stated she got threats. I do not stand for this. This shouldn’t happen to anyone. I’ve always been an advocate for kindness and I genuinely want it to end.

It’s unsettling to consider just how far some fans will go to support their favorite celebrity.

Given that Selena recently set a new record by overtaking all other girls on Instagram, such assertions seem extremely unsettling.

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