Gigi Hadid addresses rumors that Selena Gomez and Zayn Malik are dating, the dad of her daughter…

It goes without saying that Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik split up in a difficult way.

The musician was accused of touching the model by the model’s mother. The fashion model was compelled to behave carefully after that. She had no intention of disparaging the father of her daughter Khai or forbidding him from communicating with the child.

She did not, however, have any plans to keep the connection going. Hence, the once-beautiful couple just split up.

Rumor has claimed that Zayn is now dating Selena Gomez, another famous person. Consequently, reporters and fans were very curious to see how his ex-girlfriend would respond to this information.

According to individuals close to the model that Us Weekly reporters spoke to, she was not at all opposed to this affair.

“Gigi doesn’t mind if Zayn starts dating someone new. She won’t struggle against his relationship, no matter who he chooses to date, as long as he’s content, sensible, and a good father to Khai, the insider claimed.

Fans were once again persuaded by this information that despite the high-profile issue, Malik and Hadid were still able to mend their marital differences and continue to be wonderful parents for the child.

It is now widely believed that Gigi had a relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio. Recall that last year, there were whispers regarding this pair. Celebrities are still frequently spotted together today.

Family members and admirers of Hadid are unsure if the actor is the best choice for her.

It’s improbable that one of Hollywood’s most famous bachelors would be prepared to take on the responsibility of tying his life to the mother of a young child.

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