Cameron Diaz regretted going back to Hollywood after witnessing a controversy on set…

Following the birth of her daughter Raddix and her departure from the film industry in 2018, Cameron Diaz has recently returned to work on the Netflix series “Back in Action,” which is executive produced by her buddy Jamie Foxx.

Despite the actress’s happiness to be back at work, the trip to the UK for filming turned into a difficult test for her when she saw a scandal on set that led to three individuals being fired.

One of the reasons Cameron quit show business in the first place was because she detests drama and conflict.

She chose to act in the film primarily because of Jamie, but there were other, more grave reasons that made her consider staying away from Hollywood.

The actress, whose first concern is becoming a mother, was upset about being away from her daughter and spouse during the 10-hour filming days.

Benji, Cameron’s husband, supports her, although he now bears a lot of the burden. Even though she was able to see her family while the movie was being made, it wasn’t the same.

Thus, Cameron Diaz wants to concentrate on raising her 3-year-old daughter Raddix. She felt that juggling family life with the lengthy hours of filming was too challenging when she was at work.

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