Son made his elderly mom cry in a restaurant while she was in a wheelchair and apologized when…

Dean was only interested on his phone, so Emily tried to attract his attention by saying, “This is nice,” after the server took their order and left with the menus.

He said, eyes locked on the screen, “Yes, okay,” but then abruptly turned to face the direction he was facing. I wish we weren’t so close to the restroom, but your wheelchair prevents us from sitting anyplace else.

Emily drank some water and made an effort to block out the rude remark. But it’s still great that we’re still together after all these years. How are classes going? Your course work?

Is there anything significant going on on campus?

She asked, hoping to know more about the life of her child.

Since departing for college, Dean had stopped calling his mother frequently, and Emily was aware that he had found his place and valued his freedom.

It couldn’t have been simple to raise a crippled mother, even with the carers she occasionally hired. She wished for him to enjoy living his own life without these problems.

But it would be great to hear from him once in a while. She had to keep pleading with him to come to a special dinner she had planned.

She even offered to bribe him with an expensive watch that belonged to her late grandfather. He might have come for that purpose after all. But all she wanted to do was concentrate on the good.

The moment Emily reached for her water glass to take a drink, she unintentionally knocked it against the table, shattering it and dropping it to the floor. “Oh, it’s fine, whatever,” he sighed.

When the big crash happened, everyone in the restaurant turned to stare at them, and Dean at last looked up from his phone. “Because I love God!

If you cause a scene and everyone is looking at us, I can’t even have a wonderful meal. You persisted in urging me to go even though I didn’t want to!

His anger made Emily’s eyes widen, and she could know that people were still watching them because she could hear his voice echoing through the entire restaurant as he yelled out angrily, “God, I can’t wait for this night to be finished.”

When she eventually began to sob, she said, “Alright, let’s go now.” Excellent!

Dean said, rising from his seat and standing. “Wait a minute! “, a man said as he came up to them.

When Emily turned to face him, she saw his angry expression. The yellow light from the ceiling made the lines on his forehead stand out more, and he had pursed lips and wrinkled brows.

I… I don’t have,” Dean murmured. “What did you not do? Do you realize that I would do anything to see my mum once more? She taught me everything there was to know about love, life, hope, and dreams.

She was the only one who raised me. She shared the same disability as this lovely woman. She had an illness that prevented her from doing her regular job. She still managed to raise me.

I never went hungry. Never did I run out of anything. I now own this business as well as many others in Chicago, the man added, “I suspect this woman did the same thing for you.”

All because of her. She also couldn’t see what I had accomplished. Dean averted his eyes to his lap in embarrassment as Emily listened intently to his story.

Then, give your mum a call. Talk to her. You already possess it right now! This is the biggest honor you’ll ever get! Be the best!

Otherwise, no matter what you do or how much money you make, you will never be accepted as a real man.

Emily was startled to see her kid crying when she turned to face him. But before she could answer, Dean rolled his eyes and gasped out, “Mom, I’m so sorry.”

To lessen the sorrow on his face, Emily longed to hug him. He sprang to his feet, gave her a hug, and again begged for her forgiveness when she said, “Oh, honey.”

Well, I’m done with my assignment. The owner introduced himself as Mr. Harris, clapped his hands, and said, “Your supper will be ready soon, and someone will come quickly to pick up the shattered glass.”

Hey, things are going okay in my classes, but they are a little monotonous,” said Dean after walking back to his seat and putting his phone aside.

While wiping her face, Emily grinned. The rest of the supper was great as a result of Mr. Harris’ strong statements. Dean also stopped mistreating his mother.

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