Here is how the famous American movie star looks today!

It was shocking to see how iconic 1990s performer Malcolm MacDowell had evolved over time.

Meet Rosalie Anderson MacDowell, a renowned, exceptional, and charming actress and fashion model from the 1990s who rose to recognition for her famous performances in a variety of dramas and romantic comedies.

She is perhaps most known for playing the lead in the film “Groundhog Day,” in which she didn’t allow the directors or the audience to ignore her breathtaking beauty. Her popularity has now all but vanished.

Her drizzling career peaked in the 1990s, thus it makes sense that over time, she has had some aging-related changes.

She has totally gray hair at this point in her 64-year-old life, and her face has some significant wrinkling.

What do you think of the famous 1990s celebrity’s current look?

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