Kendall Jenner wore a garment to her sister’s wedding that was so tight she could hardly move in it…

You are aware that beauty demands sacrifice. Kendall Jenner, on the other hand, could hardly have dreamed that she would have to experience it to the fullest at her sister Kourtney Kardashian’s wedding to Travis Barker, which the couple celebrated in Italy.

The well-known model selected a classy, fitted dress with a flowery motif for the event, emphasizing her lean, frail body.

One thing, though, that Kendall failed to consider was that she would have to climb some steep steps. The actor had to exert a lot of effort to do this while wearing clothing that is obviously not designed for such ascents.

The younger sister of the model, Kylie, chuckled as she wrote about Kendall’s summit on her blog, “Those steps are ridiculous.”

Kendall had a powerful clubfoot and had to hold on to the dress when getting up to avoid stepping on it. Otherwise, the closely fitted garment can just be torn.

Jenner’s decision was mocked online, with comments suggesting that she should first determine where she was going before choosing her dress.

Did she not realize how difficult the stairs were? Or did they believe that elevators will be installed for them? “In my opinion, these stairs are not the ones driving us nuts,” Online users observe.

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