Adriana Lima’s return to Victoria’s Secret is welcomed as “the queen has arrived…”

Adriana Lima rose to fame as one of the Victoria’s Secret “angels” and gained international recognition.

She made her maiden podium appearance in 1999, when she was just 18 years old. Since then, the famous person has frequently taken part in lingerie shows.

She did, however, declare in 2018 that she would cease to be a “angel”. Adriana praised the brand’s management for “not only providing her wings, but also teaching her how to fly” as she turned to face them.

The model’s followers now have cause to believe that she will work with the company once more.

In actuality, a video promoting the release of Heavenly Eau de Parfum was posted on Victoria’s Secret’s official social media page. You may observe a fashion model who is 41 years old in this commercial.

The brand ambassadors signed the video, “Reunited, and it’s so good.”

“I am very thrilled to be working with Victoria’s Secret again,” Lima told reporters. My family has always been this company. Being chosen to represent a famous campaign and fragrance is an honor.

It beautifully enhances the inner beauty of the woman who represents the business. Being back on set with everyone was great. We had a wonderful experience.

Naturally, the vice president of Victoria’s Secret was overjoyed to have Adriana rejoin the campaign.

Internet users are in a state of utter shock. The fans speculate on the news, asking questions like “Is Adriana truly back in Victoria’s Secret,” “Looking at Adriana in this campaign, I understand how much I missed the good old shows,” and “Adriana and Victoria’s Secret are a union made in heaven.”

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