The 34-year-old daughter rushed to Instagram after being certain that she had no father. Her life was transformed by one image…

For 34 years, an American woman had a desire of finding her father, but stubbornness won out. Finding the daughter’s father was aided by a DNA test and an Instagram photo. The girl only needed to glance at the photo to know that she was gazing at her father.

The Metro reports that Alicia Warren, a girl from Salt Lake City, never lost up hope of meeting her parent and learning if she resembled him despite growing up without a father her entire life.

Dad was never around. When I was little, I had no idea where he was, but I initially refrained from asking my mother.

With time, the girl’s interest in this matter grew, and she ultimately made the decision to ask Betty’s mother a question regarding what had happened to her father. It turned out that a woman met a submarine officer while she was young and unwinding on the island of Guana in the Pacific.

After spending several days together, the girl went home without even exchanging phone numbers with her new friend.

Betty soon found out she was expecting, but she was unable to contact the baby’s father. At the age of 34, Alicia made the decision to make up for her mother’s errors after discovering that her father, who does not know she exists, lives elsewhere.

There was a parent out there who went 34 years without learning that he had a daughter.

As Alicia’s mother was unaware of her former boyfriend, it was difficult to carry out the plan.

Only his name, no address, no date of birth, no picture, no age. I tried performing basic Google and Facebook searches, but I had no chance because there were so many people with the name Peter Goldstein.

Instead of turning to television for assistance, the youngster turned to the for-profit biotechnology company 23andMe, where she quickly learned that a guy called Peter Goldstein is likely to be her father by 50%.

Occasionally, you can learn that your sweetheart is truly a close relative in this way, but in this case, nothing like that happened. The man was an American, but unlike Alicia, he resided in California rather than Utah.

I found him on Instagram, took a peek at him, and recognized him as my father right away. We had the same appearance. I struggled for a while to decide whether to get in touch with him, but I was powerless.

Peter has already had two daughters and a successful marriage. He was shocked to learn that he also had a third child.

He was, in my opinion, stunned. There hasn’t been any indication of my existence so yet. We initially met on June 6, and it felt as though we had known each other for our entire lives.

The newly formed family decided to get together every weekend.

My father has been very kind to me in embracing me as I am.

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