Photographers caught Jessica Alba on the beach with a sagging tummy and cellulite…

Jessica Alba presently makes very few public appearances. Millions of men once flocked to see this beauty, and the girls genuinely envied her.

The graceful and petite actress drew admiring glances to her like a magnet. She gave birth to two children, yet her body maintained its previous slimness.

Jessica eventually gave up though following the birth of her third child. She put on a lot of extra weight and was unable to regain her former forms.

Yet perseverance and tenacity succeeded. Alba resumed her rigorous workout, and the outcome appeared quickly.

The famous person has almost given up acting in order to focus on her business and family. She now appears on the red carpet far less frequently.

But, the paparazzi recently planned to photograph the celebrity while she was on vacation at a beach in Hawaii.

She and her husband were on vacation. Some admitted that they wouldn’t even be able to recognize the celebrity if they ran into her on the shore.

Jessica’s physique is not ideal; her hips have cellulite and her breasts are drooping, and the green bikini amplified these shortcomings.

The actress, however, is already 41 years old and nevertheless maintains a youthful appearance.

In her book “Sincere Beauty,” Alba even detailed her methods for preserving youth. She confessed, for instance, that she consumes only organic foods and drinks only pure water to keep her skin nourished.

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