Zendaya confessed that her boyfriend Tom Holland’s accent makes it difficult for her to understand him sometimes…

One of the most well-known and talked-about couples in the world is Tom Holland and Zendaya.

Nevertheless, when the actors first met on the set of a brand-new Spider-Man movie, nobody thought they would fall in love.

Several people were certain that the performers’ connection was a marketing ploy for the movie.

What was once thought of as a PR romance ultimately developed into something much more. The couple faced numerous challenges, nevertheless.

For instance, the actress acknowledged in a press conference that she still frequently misunderstands what the chosen one is trying to express. And it’s all due to the accent.

Of course, I enjoy British accents as well. I will never comprehend this cockney, despite Tom’s best efforts to explain its nuances to me, the star remarked.

One of the most well-known varieties of London dialect is cockney.

The pronunciation and vocabulary of Cockneys are distinctive, and some words are occasionally replaced with others that rhyme with the original form.

“I get the fundamental idea, but what are apples and pears related to stairs?” Zendaya humorously questioned, making reference to the proverb Go up those apples to bed, where the word stairs is replaced with apples.

I actually don’t understand anything, but it’s lovely when he says things like that, the actress chuckled.

By the way, the couple is currently developing a shared real estate arrangement with power and authority.

Recall that the couple purchased a 3 million pound home in Richmond together.

They are now awaiting repairs. It will have a theater, a fitness center, and a “bachelor’s lair.”

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