Richard Gere is now 73 and he changed a lot…

Hollywood’s most well-known actor, Richard Gere, has starred in a number of blockbusters that have developed cult followings.

His admirers have long held him up as the epitome of attractiveness and masculinity, and his magnetism has captured the hearts of countless women.

Although being 73 years old, he used to be a woman’s favorite.

Yet, Gere’s appearance has changed over the years. He used to be a fit and gorgeous man, but now he’s got wrinkles, gray hair, and a beer belly.

He has changed into a typical grandfather, and it is difficult to tell him apart from the former Hollywood beauty icon.

Gere has calmly and gracefully accepted aging in spite of these changes.

He has no obsession with looking young and has no desire for cosmetic procedures or plastic surgery. He is happy to live life with his lovely young wife.

Despite their 33-year age difference, Richard Gere and his wife Alejendra Silva made headlines in 2018 when they revealed their intention to raise a family and were married.

The insider said, “They’re so at ease with one another, like spending time together, and are excited about their future together.”

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