Using only makeup, a woman gets herself a spectacular facelift…

Dominique Sachse is an expert in applying cosmetics to mature women. She provides precise advice and techniques in her film, which has had over 6 million views, to give older ladies a lifted appearance.

Dominique continues by stating that she enjoys using the tools she has to make different looks and feel attractive, but she also loves to be completely natural.

Many of the more recent makeup fads, according to the beauty artist, can accidentally drag features downward. She displays this by placing the lifted sample to the right of the camera and the downturned example to the left of her face.

She begins with the brows, pointing out that the outer brow should be turned up and out rather than dragged down.

She demonstrates how the “lighter on the lid” trend in eye shadow may make the eye appear smaller. On her other eye, she decides to use a plum tan shade, and as she claims, it instantly becomes brighter.

According to Sachse, many women typically err on the lower lash line. Women frequently use darker eyeliner to create a heavy, drooped-down appearance by lining the lower lash line. On the lower lash line, she advises putting a lighter shadow.

0.2-millimeter magnetic outer wing lashes are her final move. To give her eye an additional lift, she inserts them precisely on the outer corner. The two sides have an amazingly different shapes at the conclusion of the video.

Before doing her lips, Dominique applies concealer, powder, and blush. She demonstrates her contouring technique while highlighting the necessity to remain slightly higher on one side than the other, right under her cheekbone.

This woman is unquestionably a master of cosmetics and an inspiration to those who enjoy it. Even women who don’t frequently wear full-face makeup might benefit from Dominque’s advice and skills!

Here is the video:

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