The mother almost gave up on her kids with Down syndrome but here is how they look after 7 years…

Julie McConnel hoped for a daughter when she became pregnant in 2014 because her 3-year-old son yearned for a younger sibling. However, it turned out that she would get pregnant with twins.

However, prenatal tests quickly revealed that Julie and her spouse Dan’s unborn children had one additional chromosome.

They will consequently be born with Down syndrome. Julie and Dan chose to place their children for adoption out of worry and fear.

When they were completing the adoption paperwork, they were invited to the Idaho Down syndrome association, where they learned more about children with special needs.

As soon as the parents learned the real truth regarding children with Down syndrome, they opted to keep their twins.

In August 2015, Charlie and Milo McConnel were born. To see their twins, Julie, Dan, and their son was ecstatic. They enjoyed playing with their kids and adored them to the moon and back.

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