This lady lost her puppy two years ago and wanted to adopt another one… However, here is what happened…

After two years, a woman from Schuylkill Region, Pennsylvania, unexpectedly discovered her lost cat, and they had an incredibly meaningful reunion.

On a fostering platform, the depressed woman was looking for a new pet companion when she came across her cherished dog.

Aisha Nieves believed she was experiencing an issue in 2019. As if that weren’t awful enough, her dog Kovu vanished after her former house was struck by a car from Allentown.

When she understood that they had a strong attachment and that she might never see her puppy again, the young woman became upset. For weeks, she looked for him, but she couldn’t find him.

He was the youngest of my kids. He would pick me everywhere, the woman told the media. In essence, this serves as a man’s best friend.

When I returned later that day, he wasn’t there to welcome me and kiss me like he always did, so I knew he had departed. I looked in every room of the home but couldn’t find him.

I continued my unsuccessful hunt for Allentown for approximately a week after that. After several weeks, Aisha finally discovered what had happened to Kovu, but it was worse than she had anticipated.

When she learned that her puppy had been located and taken to the Lehigh Area Humane Society, he had already been adopted by another family. The young woman was helpless in the face of this.

However, something incredibly odd happened two years later. Aisha made the decision to adopt a dog because she wanted to share her life with another tiny puppy.

However, when she was looking through the Humane Culture’s adoption list, she came across a familiar name: Kovu was available for adoption once more.

Suddenly realizing that she would do everything to see her old friend again, Aisha’s heart started to accelerate as if it were going to burst open.

“He had an imprint right above his real eye,” she told WFMZ. Even if it’s not particularly obvious anymore, you could still see it in the image they had.

A very intellectual gathering was only a short distance away, so the woman immediately called Empathetic Culture to inform them of the situation.

“I was perspiring. “My hands started to drink,” she recalls. I was worried that since it had been so long he wouldn’t remember me.

All of Aisha’s concerns disappeared the moment Kovu spotted his favorite person in front of him. Soon after, the devoted beast noticed her and went to her!

He “simply pounced on me, and we started kissing and snuggling,” she claimed. I told him, “Yeah, buddy, you’re going home.” I deeply regret that it took place. I’ll never let you go again.

Here is the video:

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