Young sanitation worker got into Harvard Law School after his mother left when he was 8 years old…

Rehan Staton’s father, who had to take 3 jobs to provide for him and his brother, reared him.

He claimed that life was difficult after his mother left the family’s Bowie, Maryland, home when he was 8 years old.

He told NBC News, “We lived through tremendous hardship; there were times when we literally couldn’t eat.

Nevertheless, despite all the challenges this young man encountered, he never lost up on his desire to attend Harvard Law School.

Rehan worked as a sanitation worker picking people’s waste with his older brother in order to save money and make the sacrifices necessary to realize his dream.

According to NBC News, he claimed, “I’m the person who is going to make it look really good when you’re out in the streets and you see a waste that looks pretty horrible.”

His brother left school after he was accepted to the University of Maryland so he could go.

My brother, he added, “actually chose a career where people looked down on him in order for others to look up to me. And he recognized that.

Rehan continued to labor hard picking up trash while attending college, and occasionally he ran late for class.

He explained, “I would have to sit outside of class and try not to bother anyone with my aroma that day.

Despite working a day job, he was still able to complete his degree and obtain the marks necessary for admission to Harvard Law School.

In his graduation address, Rehan noted that the reason why the Terps are champions is because they support one another.

He continued, “People supported me out of the goodness of their hearts, and that is the only way that I made it to where I am.

The gifted and diligent student now intends to pay back by providing free tutoring to others.

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