This puma despises it when her father ignores her in order to be able to work… Watch the funny video here!

Those who work from home are aware that their pets are their biggest source of interruptions. They are constantly vying for your attention. But if you thought your young child was horrible, have a look at this guy who keeps a huge puma as a pet.

Messi, Sasha’s adorable pet, lives with them. When Sasha had to use his laptop for work, Messi detested it. Every time her father took a brief break from working in the living room, Messi came over and kissed his hands.

She then placed her head on the screen in front of his.

The pet flatly refused to wait the requisite five minutes, despite Sasha’s request. Sasha was forced to change her gorgeous episode of Garfield until his dad was left alone with his laptop.

Here is the video:

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