A woman at that age became a mom at 65 and had gorgeous infants…

Berlin-born Annigret Raunig, a teacher, has grown up surrounded by children. She instructed in both Russian and English in the primary grades and at home.

12 babies were born to a woman who was 50 years old! Although she was married, their union could not be saved, therefore for the majority of her life, she raised her children on her own.

She made her first appearance in the German news in 2005 as the country’s oldest mother. When Annigret was 55 years old, she utilized artificial insemination to conceive her 13th child, daughter Leyla.

Leila was 9 years old when Annigret once more shocked the nation. She made the decision that it was time to relive motherhood’s joy. Leila also pleaded with her mother to give her a sibling.

Annigret left Germany because egg donation is illegal there. She gave birth to four children on May 19, 2015—three males and one daughter—thanks to a series of fortunate events.

This time, Raunig became the oldest mom of four children in history, shattering both the national and international records. In 2018, journalist Birgit Schrowange paid her a visit and described her daily life to her readers.

According to her, the mother grew more tense, impatient, and strict with regard to newborns. Annigret spent all of her time and energy taking care of the kids.

Raunig rarely took the kids outside since it was difficult for her to transport a four-seater stroller; instead, she spent much of her time in the garden. Annigret hardly ever had any free time.

Annigret’s older children cut off contact with her because they thought her pregnancy narrative was too contentious. Leyla, her 14-year-old daughter, is the only one who continues to assist the woman.

The woman, however, is determined that she must deal with life’s challenges and issues on her own, and she no longer gives up.

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